Rechargeable LED Table Lamps
Designer: Noé Duchaufour Lawrance, 2013
Materials: Cut crystal with stainless steel / brass fixtures

Description of the collection:
Babel consists of handmade cut crystal table lamp with stainless steel or brass LED light fixture.

Noé’s thoughts about the collection:
I designed this glass lamps collection for GAIA&GINO after spending a few days visiting the Czech Republic with Gaye. I was immediately impressed by the powerful relationship that exists between the glass blower and the material. Glass is produced from one of the Earth’s most abundant raw materials: sand. Glass turns into liquid in the hot ovens and is then transformed by air blown into extremely basic, wooden molds. The projects I designed for GAIA&GINO are the result of a dreamy language inspired by a conversation among the elements: minerals, water, air, vegetation… I wanted to develop solid, structured shapes which, when linked to these elements, become airy and fluid.

Noé says;
The craftsmen who cut crystal inspire this small, rechargeable table lamp. Each of their gestures, tirelessly repeated and mastered over the years, is based on a skilled technique. The object’s slender form, cut in multiple facets, is an allegory for knowledge. The glow diffused by the cut crystal illuminates the table in multiple splinters of light.