Born in 1977 outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (United States), Brad Ascalon was immersed in the world of art and design. His grandfather was a noted sculptor, metal smith and industrial designer, and his father is renowned for his large scale stained glass, mosaic and metal art installations throughout the Americas. Ascalon earned a Masters’ degree in Industrial Design from the Pratt Institute in 2005, and that same year was recognized by Wallpaper magazine as one of the world’s “Ten Most Wanted” emerging designers.
Ascalon’s eponymous studio was founded in 2006. The multidisciplinary design studio specializes in contract and residential furniture, decorative objects, packaging, consumer products, environment design, as well as site-specific sound compositions and art installations. Brad Ascalon works with a wide range of companies spanning the globe and his studio is in New York City. 

"I have long admired Gaye Cevikel for her ability to extract the perfect balance of simplicity and beauty from her designers. The work that GAIA&GINO produces begs for an emotional response to their physicality, and a sense of wonder in both the newness and the tradition. Gaye is a critic, a fan, a curator and a producer, and for this reason, it is such an honor to be working with GAIA&GINO."