One of today’s most respected Turkish designers on the international scene, draws on her distinctive combination of Turkish and Italian cultures to express a unique design language based on the sensory qualities of materials. Defne Koz has graduated from Domus Academy and started her design career at Ettore Sottsass Studio.  She now lives in Chicago and is a partner at Koz Susani Design Studio.

She designed products for Panasonic, Nestlé, Alessi, Foscarini, Egizia, WMF, Guzzini and many other Turkish furniture companies. 
She has won many awards for her designs including the “Liquids” glass collection for GAIA&GINO.

“In Turkey we don’t have many of these companies, small/medium companies that distribute hi-design products. Mrs. Cevikel, the woman behind GAIA&GINO, had years ago the leadership to invent this company, establish the brand, push distribution globally, and now you can find my products done for GAIA&GINO in Tokyo, New York, all over Europe. To me this is the best environment to do good design: a good relationship of respect and trust between a creative entrepreneur and a designer. It looks to me like the Italian companies in the 60s: Cassina, Zanotta, Kartell, they all where companies where the friendship between the owner and the designers was the core of the design drive.”