Vase, Limited edition of 250
Designer: Sebastian Bergne, 2010
Materials: Iznik quartz ceramics / SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

Description of the collection
The “Eye” family of tabletop objects is the product of a unique collaboration between GAIA&GINO, designer Sebastian Bergne and Swarovski  Elements with a thousand year old tradition of Iznik quartz ceramics. GAIA&GINO is the first company using the new “Crystal Rocks” product of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS in the world.
London-based designer Sebastian Bergne is known for his precise, pared-down design. Inspired by a visit to the Iznik factories in Turkey, he turned to quartz ceramics for this project to introduce a range of bowls and vases. Bergne has, however, applied his usual rigour and created pared-down designs incorporating the “Nazar” charm that traditionally protects the owner from the evil eye or bad luck. In this collection, GAIA&GINO used Turkish heritages both in material and concept. The “Iznik quartz ceramics” –a material with a thousand year old tradition- is reinterpreted by Bergne in a very Turkish concept “evil eye” and universalized for the first time in a contemporary design object. “Iznik work and the Nazar symbol are really important in Turkish culture, so both struck a chord. The eye motif is also slightly surreal when applied to these products. I’ve moved a long way out of my comfort zone here, working with decoration,” says Bergne. “I used a new SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS product called Crystal Rocks (Large double-pointed Chatons applied by heat to a synthetic carrier material) for the pupil of the eye. It looks and feels organic and rough, like it’s been grown not made. It’s less jewel-like than a single crystal and will, I hope, create a strong focal point.” Bergne was born in Tehran and spent much of his youth in the Middle East – the project represented a welcome return to a visually and sensually rich culture.
Gaye Cevikel, the founder of GAIA&GINO, says “Sebastian had been on my wish list for a while – his language is completely consistent with that of GAIA&GINO. The combination of technology with craftsmanship and some storytelling is perfect. Iznik quartz is a unique type of ceramic, fired at very high temperatures and extremely durable (lasting 1000 years). He fell in love with the technique and the colours you could achieve. The result is an extraordinary combination of Turkish history and contemporary design.”

The pieces are handmade and handpainted in the traditional Iznik factories of western Anatolia using a quartz based clay and glaze recipe that goes back hundreds of years. Iznik ceramic is extremely durable (lasting 1000 years) and ecological at the same time. The inclusion of the powerful Swarovski Crystal Rock Elements, add texture and light to the pupil and bring these stunning objects to life.
This collection will be produced as “limited edition of 250 pieces” for large vase, small vase and fruitbowl and “limited edition of 300 pieces” for small bowl and candleholder, each numbered from 1-250/300. The collection consist of 5 pieces : large vase (Ø.38xh.35cm), small vase (Ø.25xh.28cm), fruitbowl (Ø.36xh.17cm), small bowl (Ø.13xh.10cm) and a candleholder (Ø.10xh.12cm).