Karim Rashid is a leading design figure with worldwide recognition and clientele. Considered to be an A-list designer, Karim has been working for over 25 years in product, packaging, lighting and interior design. He has won numerous awards and accolades from international companies, publications and universities. He is one of the most prolific designers in history, designing successful products for clients ranging from high-end to mass-market.

His philosophy of ‘democratic design’ - design for all - is Karim’s personal mantra. Throughout his career he has sought to bring design to the masses by creating affordable, approachable and beautiful objects. Karim has redefined several once-stagnant markets, i.e.: home accessories (Dirt Devil Kone Vac), cleaning products (Method cleaning products) and water filtration (Bobble).

"Our studio's collaboration with GAIA&GINO started back in 2002 and continues today. GAIA&GINO has always allowed me to display the pure expression described in my designs. Their great quality, attention to detail and willingness to take risks with form and function makes them an ideal client, especially for a designer with so many 'far out' ideas. Together we have made some incredible work and I believe the best has yet to come. My hope is that, together, we can start to use emerging technologies to really push materials and forms and make product that will become design icons."