Noé Duchaufour Lawrance’s design philosophy is each project has its own unique scenario, sustained without being distinguished in any way by a use, a form, a material or an aesthetic…A place where the curve and the straight line, sensuality and rigour interact in a confrontation conducive to creating meaning and able to awaken all our senses. Anxious to revive the notion of alive or living in his objects as well as the designing of space, Noé Duchaufour Lawrance considers each project like an organic form which grows with its user. In the style of a natural element which can also defy human order and disorder.

At the beginning, Duchafour Lawrance was involved with sculpture, marked by a history and very close link with nature that he wanted to transcribe again with his own hands. He often compares his approach to niwa, the little garden found at the heart of a traditional Japanese house. Like an organic pulse within a discipline dedicated above all to respond to the demands of the industry, market or client.  Thus, he does not limit himself in the projects that he creates, while designing objects or furniture or interiors.       

"In design, we can only work honestly with people when there is a strong affinity between us. Gaye is a generous, straightforward, radiant and inspirational person. She transmits her high standards and her constructive, creative force to each member of her team. After a few days driving through the Czech countryside with her, I was exhausted by her vitality and the kilometers we covered yet, most of all, were seduced by her kindness. GAIA&GINO is the type of company one likes to build a relationship with over time; we get attached to the people who make a company what it is."