Light in the Glass Collection, Rechargeable LED Table Lamps 
Designer: Arik Levy, 2013
Materials: Cut crystal and stainless steel fixtures

Description of the collection:
Shakra is the first in its range, as it combines a handcrafted crystal glass with a rechargeable LED lamp. Shakra consists of a hand cut crystal glass sitting on a polished stainless steel housing

Arik says
Light in the glass is a project that I have been developing in my mind for a long time… I always wanted to see the light appearing in different ways. I have created many light products in the past but this time the idea was more like how to create a domestic firefly. Small that fits everywhere; gives friendly light…Can walk around with you, be on the bookshelves or side table or next to you before you go to sleep. A glass, a drinking glass that normally carry liquid now carry’s light. The new glass forms made to be engraved using cold cutting knowhow and technology tools to achieve precision and perfection. The cut glass transforms itself into deflecting light prisms like a bright star in a dark night.